Wow, we’ve never seen anything like this before. A new client of ours had discovered that one of her cats Soft Paw nail covers had embedded itself into the poor kitty’s pad. Luckily, Dr.Wickstrom was able to dislodge and remove it. We didn’t know that Soft Paws could do this, so please monitor your cats paws to make sure the nail covers are sitting properly throughout their duration (about 4-6 weeks).

Curious about our endospay option?

Endoscopic surgeries are the standard in human medicine, so why not give your pet the same advanced treatment? Our endoscopic spay option has many benefits that all pet owners should be aware of:

- less bleeding
- less trauma and pain
- faster recovery
- smaller incision and therefore smaller wound/scar
- less stiches

Feel free to give us a call or send an email our way if you have any quesions about endoscopic surgery!